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What can you fit into a 1-inch cube? Well, as it turns out, that little space can hold a lot.

Boost your creativity with this awe-inspiring book of small wonders from wood artists all over the world.

Artists united by the Center for Art in Wood were posed with a challenge to create a work of art to fit within a 1-inch cube. You will gain an intimate look into their vibrant community as the artists share personal stories behind their creations. Each one celebrating the significance of what brought them together—one by one by one …


Filled with perfectly formed objects, this book will amaze and inspire the artist and maker in all of us.

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1x1 Limited Edition (WITH FREE POSTER)

The very first limited edition art book with 53 original signatures from artists all over the world.

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Offering the very first Limited Edition book with signatures by 53 artists in ONE publication.

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Get the signatures of some of the best known names in the wood arts field—all in one place.

Alan Adler  Dixie Biggs  Michael J. Brolly  Phil Brown  John J. Carlano  Sharon Church  Ally Crow  Mark Del Guidice  Luc Deroo  David Ellsworth  Douglas Finkel  Amy Forsyth  Dewey Garrett  Laurent Guillot  Susan Hagen  Doug Haslam  Daniel Forrest Hoffman  Michelle Chase Holzapfel  Michael Hosaluk  Todd Hoyer and Hayley Smith  Michael Hurwitz  Beth Ireland  Ray Jones  Bonnie Klein  Yuri Kobayashi  Jack Larimore  Yoav S. Liberman  Steve Loar  Robert F. Lyon  Rebecca Dunn Penwell  Gord Peteran  Michael Peterson  Peter M. Petrochko  Hilary Pfeifer  Carl Pittman  Dean Pulver  Jeannette M. Rein  Fred Rose  Joshua Salesin  Norm Sartorius  Betty J. Scarpino  David Sengel  Eric Serritella  Mark Sfirri  Tommy Simpson  Randy J. Stromsoe  James Thurman  Holly Tornheim  Philip Weber  Hans Weissflog  Jakob Weissflog  Kimberly Winkle  Malcolm Zander


“We woodturners were a pre-Internet social network that not only persists to this day, but has vastly expanded, both in itself and as a seminal strand in what’s become the maker movement.”

— John Kelsey, from the introduction to the book

Be inspired by the stories and insights from the artists within this vibrant arts community.

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“I learned that people can become profoundly moved in ways that we makers can only hope for through our work—but rarely get to experience.”

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“As a creative maker, I believe that every experience I have shapes me and, subsequently, shapes each piece I make.”

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“I’ve rarely found the answers to be as interesting as the questions, the destinations to be as interesting as the journeys, or resolution to be as satisfying as anticipation.”

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“Albert continues to challenge our creativity and abilities to push the limits of interpretation in whatever area we work in.”

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“I am so grateful for anyone who has spent their time with a helping hand for their fellow beings.”

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“During our residency at the Center, we found that collaboration was an artistically enriching process.”

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“I relish hiding difficult ideas and intense emotional content in a place where they’re unexpected.”

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“Albert’s enthusiasm and advocacy helped to move the field from function to decorative art.”

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“Without the encouragement, I probably would have given up.”

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“The Center has served as a place that protects and fosters creative pursuit, creative refreshment, and creative output.”

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