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About the Project

In its fully realized form, 1x1 offers an intimate look into a vibrant art community, as 53 artists share personal stories behind their creations. Each one, celebrating the significance of what brought them together. One by one by one …

1x1 is the documentation of what was originally conceived as a retirement gift for Albert LeCoff, co-founder and Executive Director Emeritus of the renowned Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It was meant to showcase an amazing collection of “miniature” wood artworks sent to Albert as a thank you from the community of wood artists that he helped build over the span of more than 40 years.

Jack Larimore, wood artist and member of the Center's event committee, created the container for all of these miniature artworks and titled it Log full of Love. Jack describes the thought process as follows:

The genesis for Log Full of Love was an organic response to the event committee’s quandary over how to best provide a vehicle for all of those who wanted to express their love and gratitude for all that Albert has done. We knew that if we put out a request there would be lots of responses and that since the responses would be coming primarily from makers, an object from each would be a natural form of appreciation. I recommended a “cabinet” for the objects because there was a desire to have all of the responses present as a single monumental memento.


Log full of Love is a fairly anonymous object that, through exploration, would reveal wondrous delights.

Jack Larimore (New Jersey). Log Full of Love, 2018. Pawlonia and paint. 21 1/2 x 14 in. dia. Photos: John Carlano



And now, in honor of Albert’s dedication and passion for publishing award-winning art books, 1x1 has become an opportunity to raise money to help support the Center for Art in Wood. Through the profits from the sale of the poster, books, and silent auction, we will all be able to give back to the community that has supported us. This will help guarantee that documenting wood arts in beautifully produced publications will continue well into the future.


There is no better way to sum all of this up than to share the preface for the book by Glenn Adamson, Senior Scholar at the Yale Center for British Art:

How much can you put in an inch cubed? It doesn’t seem like much. But that little space can hold a lot. For example:

500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules of water (or thereabouts).

The Pink Star, which is among the world’s most valuable diamonds ($71.2 million, to exact).

A baby tooth from your own first-born (if any).

Your own right eye.

The knob to a door of a drawer in a cabinet, that holds who knows what.

You get the idea. Into small packages good things are indeed placed, now and again. This book (itself of manageable size) attests to that. It is, first and foremost, a way of saying “thank you” to an extraordinary man: Albert LeCoff, who co-founded an organization that serves as the lynchpin of an artistic field that is, in turn, a community of friends. And the book also shows the creative force of that community. It is filled with perfectly formed objects, each of which reflects deep consideration and life-long skill.

Albert is now retiring, but he leaves quite a legacy. Not just of projects and publications, but of personal connections criss-crossing the globe. Forget an inch cubed: an infinite number of lines can cross at a single point, and in the world of wood arts, Albert has been that singular vertex. The gift that he has given does not even need a box to hold, for it has just been an idea: the notion that it would be great to get together. And together we are, and so we will remain, looking forward with him in our thoughts, all progressing as one. Inch by inch by inch. 


So, take this opportunity to own this inspirational story for yourself and help support the organization that will, in turn, support the community it has inherited.

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Project Details

The books will deliver in June, 2020.


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