The Limited Edition is selling fast. Act now before they are all gone.


When will I get my book?

Currently the books are planned to deliver in June of 2020. 


Why should I buy this now since I won’t get it for several months?

This book is a fundraiser and is only being sold as preorders through May, 2020. This is your only chance to buy and It won’t be available in stores later. Preorders help us print only what we sell which, in-turn, helps the environment. In the meantime, order now and we’ll send you a high-res pdf of the poster so your inspiration can get percolating right away. We know you don’t want to wait for your artistic stimulation. 


Where do profits from this go?

Profits from the sales of the book and artwork purchases are donated to the Center for Art in Wood, a 501(c)(3) organization. Your purchases help to support the arts. 

How do I know the project will get completed?

Wonderfull Design has managed dozens of book projects and designed award-winning publications for over 20 years. The poster and books will deliver and meet the quality standards expected of high-end art books—or your money back.